SQL Server - Remote Data Access using SQL Server 3.5 in a VS2008 C++ project

Asked By Justin Seto on 18-Dec-08 04:28 PM
I’m currently converting an embedded c++ application that implements the ISSCERDA interface with a SQL Compact 2000.  It does a remote access call to IIS to retrieve data using the pull method.

I’m currently trying to convert this application to a VS2008 C++ project using SQL Server Compact 3.5 instead.  It appears to connect to a modern IIS (using SQL Server Compact 3.5 Server Tools) (It returns no error on the HRESULT).  But when it attempts to pull it throws up a native error, 28546, which translates into “The specified OLE DB for SQL Server CE connection string is not valid.”

I’ve written a C# version of the application using the same parameters to establish the connection and access the database without any issues.

It seems that a modern C++ implementation of Remote Data Access is not a popular implementation and articles written about it is far and few in between.

Anybody have any idesas?

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Laxmi Narsimha Rao Oruganti replied on 18-Dec-08 11:28 PM
Your application code snippet would immensely help narrow down.  There seems
to be an error with connection string, can you dump that connection string
to see what is wrong with that.