SQL Server - Driver version for OLE DB Provider

Asked By Todd on 23-Oct-08 11:01 AM
Hello All:

I am having some issues with an OLE DB Provider for iSeries (IBM) and would
like to find the Version Number of my driver. I cannot see anywhere in the
Connection Manager or Data Source properties where to find the file on the
file system.

How does one go about checking the Version info on a driver for OLE DB for

Thanks in advance.
Todd C

Gerald Aichholzer replied on 23-Oct-08 11:31 AM
Hello Todd,

I think that you'll find the driver DLLs in C:\Program Files\Common
Files\System\Ole DB. Open the file's properties via the context menu
and have a look at the version information.

Scho replied on 23-Oct-08 10:14 PM

Might also be found in Admin Tools -> Data Sources - it has all OLEDB
drivers etc in there.
Possible in the Windows GAC (C:\Windows\Assembly\). If you want to
copy or replace this dll you'll need t edit the registry though.