SQL Server - How to know my OLAP Cube's Size?

Asked By Mint on 03-Apr-07 11:01 PM
can anyone tell me how to get my olap cube's size?
and how to reduce it?
many thanks.

Jeje replied on 03-Apr-07 11:37 PM
you can use the windows explorer to check the size of your folders.
if you take a closer look at your files, you'll identify the size of the raw
data and the size of the aggregations.
this information is also available for each partition using the management
console of SQL Server but I don't really trust this info.

to reduce the size, you have to sacrifice your performance...
you can reduce the number of aggregations and/or you can use the ROLAP or
HOLAP storage mode

so before trying to reduce the size, what is the size of your cubes?
Vidas Matelis replied on 04-Apr-07 08:20 AM
To get cube size:
As Jeje suggested, option to check folder size allways works.
Also, If you have SP2, in Microsoft SQL Server Management studio select SSAS
database, right mouse click on it, then Select Reports, then "General". YOu
will see "Estimated size in Bytes".

To reduce size - just load data that you really need for querying.

Vidas Matelis