SQL Server - export files in sql server 2005

Asked By WendyElizabet on 06-Aug-07 10:56 AM
I am used to using the DTS package in sql server 2000 to export files to
users in a pipe delimited format.
I now have sql server 2005 management studio and would like to know how to
export text files in a piped delimited format to users?
Also can you tell me how I  can import files into sql server 2005?
I am assuming there should be a wizard that is similar to using the DTS


Uri Dimant replied on 06-Aug-07 11:00 AM
You can create SSIS package by using VS2005 open BI project .
1) BULK INSERT command
Andrew J. Kelly replied on 06-Aug-07 11:08 AM
If you right click on the DB in SSMS and choose Tasks you will see a menu
for Import and Export. That will give you the SSIS version of the DTS import

Andrew J. Kelly SQL MVP