SQL Server - SQL Syntax Check

Asked By PSULionR on 18-Dec-07 12:44 PM
Is there a way within SQL Server Management Studio or Query Analyzer that
will enable me to check my SQL for syntax errors???

Thanks in advance for your help.


Rick Sawtell replied on 18-Dec-07 12:51 PM
It is not perfect,but in Query Analyzer and in Management Studio, there is a
button with a Checkmark on the toolbar.  That will syntax check the sql
without running it.

Rick Sawtell
PSULionR replied on 18-Dec-07 01:44 PM
Thanks Rick. I saw that check mark on the toolbar. It is labeled "Parse". So
that is why I did not venture on it.
--CELKO-- replied on 19-Dec-07 07:36 AM
You can also go over to the Mimer.com website and look up validators.
This will tell you if you conform to ANSI/ISO Standard SQL-92, SQL-99
or SQL-2003.