SQL Server - Portable SQL Server Database

Asked By Dav on 17-Jun-08 09:19 AM
I need to work on a database at home and work.  At home I have SQL Server
2000 and at work SQL 2005.

Is it possible to create the database files on a flash drive and move them
from one location to another?   Can SQL Server 2005 read a 2000 database
without conversion?  Would I just attach and detach the files after each use?

Is there a best practice appraoch to this problem?


PS MS Access is not really an option here as I would have to down-size and
convert SQL Server objects (procs and triggres) to Access equivalents.

Mark replied on 17-Jun-08 09:37 AM
You can't take a 2005 database and use it at home with your 2000 install.

Best practice - either:

1) Find a way to securely connect remotely from home to work (VPN, Remote
Desktop, etc) using high speed internet access.  If you're willing to do
this, your boss should be willing to pay the bill for your dedication.

2) Install the SQL Server 2005 Developer version at home.  It's cheap.
[While secure, this would be a very inefficient way to work.]

Good luck.

Dav replied on 17-Jun-08 12:57 PM
Thanks Mark

The database in question is a SQL Server 2000 so I was wondering how it
would be treated by SQL Server 2005.  I believe if I attach the 2000 db files
to the 2005 server it attempts to convert them automatically.

This is an unusual situation but I was wondering if anyone had created a
any server regardless of internet connection.   For example, a database with
the mdb/ldf files on a flash drive (but this  may require the files be
detatched each time the drive was removed).

I suppose a backup and restore might work.

If anyone has done sonmething like this, please let me know.
Tibor Karaszi replied on 18-Jun-08 02:51 AM
The problem is that as soon as you got the 2000 database into 2005 then it isn't a 2000 database
anymore (at the physical level). This mean that you won't get it back into your 2000 instance
anymore. This applies to both backup/restore as well as detach/attach.

As for working with "removable" databases, check out sp_certify_removable (etc.). the process is a
little bit involved, but at least there has been put *some* thoughts behind the topic. But make sure
all instances are on the same version...

Tibor Karaszi, SQL Server MVP
Labra Hernandez replied to Dav on 07-Dec-09 10:04 PM
nesecito descargar el portable
Jay replied to Labra Hernandez on 07-Dec-09 10:24 PM
I would install SQL Server 2005 Express at home, detach the database at
work, copy it to the flash drive, take it home, copy it to your home drive,
etc, etc, etc.